Pivoting in 2020

This is the one thing that thriving businesses share in common this year.

It is no secret that small businesses across our community have been impacted by the pandemic. Some may ultimately not survive this year. But for those that do, they most likely will do so by pivoting. Pivoting is the process of seeing an opportunity and responding rapidly to meet that opportunity.

A great example of a pivot is Hitex Marketing in Miami. Hitex is behind many of the promotional marketing products (giveaways) you receive at sporting events, conventions or maybe from your own company. If you live in Florida, chances are you have some of their branded products in your home right now. They are rock stars in the marketing world with a team of brilliant designers, dedicated customer service and a reputation for innovating. Despite how fantastic they are when the pandemic hit things came to a grinding halt. This was no fault of their own. Conventions, events, sports, everything was on pause.

Enrique Perez , Hitex President, was one of the first people to call us when the pandemic hit with an “out of the box” idea. He wanted to take all the promotional materials from conventions, box them up, and ship them directly to convention attendees. “If the attendee cannot go to the convention, let’s bring the convention to them.” he told us. His challenge was to help potential clients, exhibitors and sponsors of these events, to understand how it would work.  More over they needed to see how it would look. He needed a short video and he needed someone to come in clutch quickly.

Within two days of our call we had scripted a one minute spot for Hitex. With a little humor, an outstanding spokeswoman, and some well produced product shots we made this spot.

The “in the box” idea was a lot of fun, especially shooting the stress ball scenes! The video not only exceeded Hitex’s expectations, it helped boost this brand new product line. They have expanded this product line for “Grad In A Box”, and now a “Work From Home Kit.” Rather than just pause, Hitex pivoted to something new. In 2020 companies who pivot like this are not only going to survive, they are going to thrive.

Today Hitex continues to pivot, offering custom comfortable PPE. Their most recent work for Baptist Hospital is a home run. It’s a giveaway people want. As a company I do not think there is a better way to advertise. I mean you cannot miss this!

Pivoting in 2020. It is key to your organizations success. It is also vital you let the world know what you are doing. The CLUTCH team can help develop your concept, produce your video and deliver within days. We make it easy and cost effective. That’s what makes us CLUTCH!  Contact us to get started today.

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