Our History


To meet increasing demand, many of our talented freelancers became employees. Eventually it became clear the company was truly no longer David Sutta Photography. We still did photography but 80% of our work was video production. Furthermore this was not the work of David Sutta but rather a collective of talented artists. In 2018 the company repositioned resources to better serve the growing demands of corporate clients. In 2020 we underwent a branding change to better reflect our collective team.

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Within a few years the company evolved into video work. This may have been inevitable given David’s vast experience in broadcast television as an Emmy award winning storyteller. Under his leadership our client base expanded significantly to include some notable companies. The team won several Emmy and Telly honors for commercial content. Seasonal work became year round work. Single one off projects became partnerships.

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Different from the start

We got our start in 2008 by David Sutta who envisioned turning a photography hobby into a small business. We serviced portrait, wedding, and an occasional corporate client. The company distinguished itself in the competitive marketplace by not only delivering great work but guaranteeing great experiences. We were first to adopt pro-consumer policies and pricing. We also looked at talent in the marketplace not as competitors but as potential freelance partners.

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