Using the CLUTCH APP for your photos

CLUTCH provides a fantastic App for our clients to download, carry, and share their images. What does your APP do? You can download your photos right to your phone and tablet. Once downloaded you can view photos without a connection to the internet.
How do I install the APP? (FOR IPHONE AND IPAD)

Go to the Apple App store and download the Smugmug App
Open the App. Select Find People
Enter “DavidSuttaPhotography” into the search box and select it.
Find your photos. We sort all our shoots based on type, then date.
Select a gallery you wish to view.
The star (upper left) will add this gallery to your favorites, so you will have the gallery saved on the app homepage. You can do this for all your galleries.
You can save the entire gallery to your device by swiping the “Available offline” button. By selecting this anytime you open the app, even without an internet connection, you will be able to view all your photos instantly. Due to the large size of some galleries we advise you to use WiFi when saving galleries.
You can press the options button to send a message, email, save a specific photo, and post to social media.

FYI 1,000 photos consumes about 300mb on your device.

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